Lawuna, detects, captures and monitors macro pollutants on the shores of fresh water bodies using real-time drone and smart phone imagery.
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Lake Victoria in Uganda is the second biggest freshwater body in the world. It is a critical presence in the local ecosystem, with over 40 million people and a countless array of species reliant on its existence. Yet its survival is at stake. Industry polluters, people and climate change cause significant damage to Victoria’s health, and conservationists fear catastrophe is nearing certainty, the need for an urgent real-time solution is necessary as we conserve and restore its heritage.

To have free contaminant fresh water bodies.

To improve the quality of water and lives of communities surrounding fresh water bodies by use of conservation technologies through detection, identifying, capturing and monitoring contaminants thus creating a sustainable and friendly eco-system.

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We have collected over 38,731 macro pollutant images on the shores of Lake Victoria