Who We are

Sodzo Foundation is a non-government organization registered in Uganda with registration number 80020002468145, NGO permit number 5253 and NGO registration number 4334. We use modern technologies, policies and education to solve global challenges in line with water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, climate action and above all life below water. Through our open-source strategies, we share our technologies to the outside world so that we improve the lives of people, economies, and their environment. Our success is to witness transformational impact in communities where our technologies are being used for their social betterment. We believe in the following core values; Mutual Respect, Innovative, Community inclusiveness, Environmental friendly, Professional with high levels of integrity, resilience, sustainability, open and transparency.

Our Vision

A Life Better For All

Our Mission

We are committed to creating sustainable resilient impact solutions for the human race and society.

Our Slogan

Pushing The Human Race Forward