What We Do

Sodzo Foundation works in areas that impact livelihoods at all levels of social development using technology and innovative pathways to change lives for the better. We apply openness in all our projects and solutions to global challenges of our lifetime.

We develop innovations that break barriers for social change and transformation using evidence based approaches and modern technologies like artificial intelligence, design thinking and human centered designs. Understanding the underlying settings of low income communities is important to the contribution of innovations for the SDGs. Our Innovations are tailored towards making a contribution impacting the last person of the pyramid.

We believe that certain skills should be trained and availed to children and youths without needed prior qualifications to attain skills of the 21st century. If we are to impact communities for a sustainable future, then masses ought to be literate enough to understand, perceive as well as articulate ideas.

We cannot transform communities nor economies without influencing policies for the betterment of these communities or how they relate with the intended developed technology product.

We use evidence based approaches as we work with communities to bring about change. To adversely change or solve community challenges, research is conducted such that products are developed for a pressing challenge readily available to be used be the intended target audience.